• Address: 1410 N 13th Street Norfolk, NE 68701

Midwest Health Partner’s Mobile Medical Unit made an appearance at the 2023 USA Triathlon National Championships in Milwaukee, WI. Spread out over four days, the event is the largest one hosted by USA Triathlon and includes competitors across all age brackets and competition classes.

The mobile unit was used primarily as the command center for the entire event while being available for staff, competitors and spectators as a cooling station and medical facility. Over 7,000 athletes participated in the festivities, including a number of Olympic participants and hopefuls.

See below for more information about, and pictures of, the Midwest Health Partner’s Mobile Medical Unit for your next event.

Midwest Health Partners’ Mobile Medical Clinic is a unique vehicle that can be deployed in a variety of scenarios with or without medical personnel. It is perfectly suited for “pop-up” health fairs, large outdoor gatherings, promotional events or any other type of setting where privacy, access to medical care, mobility and protection from the elements are required.

Costs can be customized for each partner and can include utilization of the clinic for as little as a few hours to weeks.


Amenities of the mobile unit include:
• Two exam rooms with separate entrances for complete privacy
• A wheelchair lift for full accessibility
• Fully climate controlled throughout the unit
• A bathroom and three sinks with water availability
• On-board electricity available at any time (either through the on-board generator or through 220V plug-in)
• A half size refrigerator and freezer
• A retractable awning that extend approximately 10 feet from the clinic to allow for shade and rain protection
• Ability to hang promotional signs, banners, etc. from the side of the clinic
• Wi-fi capabilities
• We can deploy medical staff (e.g., nurses) with the clinic and we would also have access to providers via telemedicine. You can also use your own staff, if preferred.